A little bit of me

I am a Wife and a Mamma. A creator and a doer. A lover of lemons, wine, coffee and all things Italian. I ache with wanderlust and a desire to make things beautiful. I make my life on the central coast of California with my husband and two perfect babies. I am a wedding cake designer by trade and I own and operate a wedding cake bakery called The Cakery. This site is the creation of something new. Something beautiful. Something full of life. Something I can pour my passions into. It is the creation of me. My name is Lonielle*

P.S. I love chocolate too!


If you would like to learn even more about me and my story please click on the link to Finding Italy!


* In case you are wondering…it’s like Danielle but with a LO instead of a DA….that’s what I always say. And if that still doesn’t work…you pronounce it Lawn-yell. Just please don’t call me Lionel…that’s a boys name or a name for a train:)