Food. Sayings. Italian.

Italy. Italian. beautiful it is and how it consumes me. It is perfection. It is uniqueness. It is more and more a part of me everyday and in every way.  I learn something new - I see something new - I say something new - and I fall deeper and deeper in love.  I dream a little more. I work a little more. I speak a little more. I obsess a little more. I find a little more of myself. And then I fall again.  It keeps surprising me. It keeps me craving just one more bite - memory - word. It keeps me sane. It keeps me crazy.  It just keeps me. I need it! I love it! 

Ok, now that my poetic rant about how much I love Italy is over, I can get on to what I was going to say....

Recently when I was searching for new things to learn in Italian(which I try to do every second of every minute of every day) I came across videos and articles about sayings involving food. I have always loved sayings, in any language. They make everyday talk more fun and colorful and they make you feel like you are getting to know a language and it's people on a deeper level. These particular Italian sayings grabbed me and didn't let me go. I had to go searching for more. I had to see what other delicious things I could find :) Here are some of my favorites. Buon Appetito!




1. Italian saying - Essere pieno come un uovo(to be full as an egg)  =  American saying - To be stuffed.

2. Italian saying - Essere buono come pane(to be good like bread) - American saying - To be as good as gold.

3. Italian saying - Tutto finisce a tarallucci e vino(it all ends with biscuits and wine) = American saying - Don't worry, everything will be ok or It will all work out in the end.

4. Italian saying - Aver le fette di salame sugli occhi(to have slices of salami on the eyes) = American saying - To look at life through rose colored glasses.

5. Italian saying - Dire pane al pane e vino al vino(call bread bread and wine wine) = American saying - Say it like it is.

6. Italian saying - Tutto fa brodo(everything makes broth/soup) = American saying - Every little bit helps.

7. Italian saying - Essere in un bel pasticcio(to be in a nice pie) = American saying - To be in a mess or to be in a pickle.

8. Italian saying - C'entra come i cavoli a merenda(it fits like cabbage for the afternoon snack) = American saying - It doesn't fit, it's inappropriate.

9. Italian saying - Avere le mani in pasta(to have the hands in the dough) = American saying - To be well connected, to pull strings.

10. Italian saying - Essere come il prezzemolo(to be like parsley) - American saying - Be everywhere, turn up everywhere.

Also, just as a end note, all of these saying happen to go good with wine!

Un Abbraccio,


Photos - Prosecco in Piazza Navona Rome, Gelato in Manduria - Puglia, Marzipan fruits in Florence, Sign in Tuscany, Shop window in Florence, Bulk items at Mercato Centrale Florence, Mercato Centrale Florence, Bread with oil and vinegar in Galipoli - Puglia, Frise with tomatoes in Manduria - Puglia, Fruit at Mercato Centrale Florence.