Babies. Art. Italian

Her first painting. I waited for this moment for forever it seems. I couldn't wait to see what she'd do. I couldn't wait to take in every precious second. How her little hand grabs the brush so tightly. She has a smile on her face. Slowly and carefully she dips the brush into the paint. She has no idea what this is or what is going to happen.  The moment the paint hits the paper she goes wild. Big strokes of color and excitement. She has never seen anything so amazing.  I have never seen anything so amazing. Color from her hand to paper. Her eyes are sparkling. A look of delight on her face. What must she be feeling? She is free. She is creating. She is discovering. She is living. She is everything that is beautiful.  She is love. 

Art - l'arte

Artist - l'artista

Easel - il cavalletto

Canvas - la tela

The Painting - il dipinto

To Paint - dipingere

Paintbrush - il pennello

Color - il colore

Red - rosso

Pink - rosa

Purple - viola

Blue - azzurro

Green - verde

Yellow - giallo

Orange - arancione

- Gli Esempi ~ The Examples -

Lei è un’artista - She is an artist

I suoi colori preferiti sono blu e rosa - Her favorite colors are blue and pink

Lei usa sempre un cavelletto quando dipinge - She always uses an easel when she paints

Il dipinto è molto colorato - The painting is very colorful


Un Abbraccio,