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It's spring time and garden time. Time to grow and then gather. Time for reds, yellows, greens, purples and oranges to start showing their beautiful colors on my plate. The first seeds are only just starting to show but I am already seeing them in full bloom, lush and overflowing with deliciousness. I'm dreaming of the mornings with my kids when we will go out and collect tomatoes and basil and zucchini. The dirty little hands. The faces. The smiles. The memories. I'm dreaming of the many Caprese salads that we will eat and the fried zucchini and steamed zucchini and zucchini bread and zucchini fritters and then looking over and seeing a big basket of zucchini. I seem to have grander expectations from this garden because it is the first vegetable garden at our new home. As if things will grow bigger and better in a house that is all ours. Maybe they will. I hope that they will. Only time, water and love will tell.


Vegetable Garden - l'orto

Vegetable - l'ortaggio

Vegetables(food) - le verdure 

Soil - la terra

Tomato - il pomodoro

Zucchini - le zucchine

Cucumber - il cetriolo

Beets - le barbabietole

Carrot - la carota

Celery - il sedano

Eggplant - la melanzana

Lettuce - la lattuga

Peas - i piselli

Green beans - i fagiolini

Bell Pepper - il peperone

Potato - la patata

Artichoke - il carciofo

Broccoli - i broccoli

Cauliflower - il cavolfiore

Onion - la cipolla

Fennel - il finocchio

Watering Can - l'annaffiatoio

Water - l'acqua 

Sun - il sole

- The Examples ~ Gli Esempi -

Le zucchine nell'orto crescono bene - The vegetables in the garden are growing well

Mi piace usare l'annaffiatoio per annaffiare l'orto - I like to use the watering can to water the vegetable garden

Voglio un'insalata di lattuga, pomodori e cetrioli - I want a salad of lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers

L'ingrediente principale in questa ricetta รจ la melenzana - The main ingredient in this recipe is eggplant


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