Winter. Weather. Italian

As I took a nice walk on the beach this past weekend I was reminded how thankful I am to live somewhere that isn't covered in snow. I have been living on the central coast of California for 5 1/2 years now, and there pretty much isn't a day that goes by that I miss wintertime. Snow, ice, sleet, and freezing cold just don't make me feel all warm and snugly on the inside or the outside. I do think that winter can be incredibly beautiful and for me it also holds a lot of nostalgia. I grew up in Montana so I know full well what it is like, and even though it never really felt like me, I do have wonderful memories of the fun parts about it from my childhood. Memories of my dad getting up and breaking icicles off the roof for us to eat, making hills of snow to slide down, snow angels, Christmas lights covered with fresh powdery snow, sledding and building amazing snow forts with my friends and the glow in the sky in the wee morning hours when I would deliver papers with my sister. Sometimes I think I could love winter if I were a child that could just play in it's beauty or if I were able to spend it in the Italian alps looking at it from inside a warm and cozy room with a fire, a book and endless warm drinks....hint hint Honey ;) The reality of winter for us adults though, is driving in snow and ice, scraping your car off, warming it up 10-15 min before you need to leave just so you don't die, getting stuck, freezing faces(because you can't always wear a mask), dry chapped skin, big heavy clothes and boots that make a mess in your house every time you come home from tromping through the snow(the whole time hoping that you don't step in a spot to deep for the snow to come over the rim of your boot and fall inside), and making sure that everything you were wearing is properly dried out before you need to leave the house again so you don't catch cold. Add kids to that whole thing and you have an even bigger mess....ahhhh! So, even though it is beautiful and charming at Christmas time, I will happily leave it all to you snow lovers and I will take my California winters :) And on that happy are some words that have to do with the cold and wintertime. Happy Winter from California!! 


L'Inverno - Winter

Natale - Christmas

 Neve - Snow

Nebbia - Fog

 Ghiaccio - Ice

Ghiacciolo - Icicle

 Vento - Wind

Bufera di Neve - Blizzard

Sciare - Skiing

Pattinare sul Ghiaccio - Ice Skating

Fiocco di Neve - Snowflake

Pupazzo di Neve - Snowman

Palla di Neve - Snowball 

I Guanti - Gloves

Il Cappotto - Coat

Gli Stivali - Boots

Il Cappello - Hat


Una fredda giornata d'inverno - A cold winter day

Il ghiaccio e molto scivoloso - The ice is very slippery

Sta iniziando a nevicare - It's starting to snow

So pattinare benissimo - I can skate very well.....not true:) 

Fa davvero freddo fuori! Devo indossare il cappello e i guanti - It's really cold outside! I have to wear a hat and gloves

Un Abbraccio,


Warning - the California winter pictures below could make you incredibly jealous :)