Fall. Time. Italian

Autumn. Fall. Falling. Back. In. Time. This time. That time. That moment. This moment of the year is so steeped in my body. So set in my emotions. Memories leftover from years long ago are wrapped so deeply and so tightly around my heart that I have no say in what they do or what they make all around me. A wave of feelings from a gust of wind at just the right temperature and I'm sent swirling back to walks or bike rides through the leaves. I can hear the crunch echo in my head and see the exact colors that lay on the ground. I can feel the leaves in my hands as if the years had only been minutes. I am here but I am still there. A part of me has never left or a part of it has never left me. The right light at just the right time of day and I am taken back to my moments watching the wind and swirling leaves and rain from a window. The world a little too much to go outside. It is quiet with only the sound of the fall hitting my senses and making it's way into my soul. How everything has never changed and yet it has changed so much it takes my breath and heart away.  I wish I could go back for a day...or do I. I do. Life wasn't easy but I know that the moments were as sweet as I remember and the world around me was as colorful as it seemed. I would do that walk again...and I would hold a hand tight as we went. To the light and love and leaves that never leave me. To the time that was and is. To the moments and memories that make my heart feel. To the the past, present and to the future. To fall.

- vocabolario ~ vocabulary -

Fall - l'autunno

Leaf - la foglia

Leaves - le foglie

Colorful - colorato

Pumpkin - la zucca

Hot chocolate - ciaccolata cald

Wind - il vento

Windy - ventoso

Rain - pioggia

Rainy - piovoso

Cold/ Chilly - freddo

Frost - il gelo

Memories - ricordi

Childhood - infanzia

A walk - una passeggiata

A bike ride - una gita in bicicletta

Family - la famiglia


Le foglie cadono come farfalle - The leaves fall like butterflies

Una passeggiata sotto la pioggia - A walk in the rain

Una giornata fredda e ventosa - A cold and windy day

Cioccolata calda รจ la mia preferita - Hot chocolate is my favorite :)


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