Tuscany - A trip to Cascate del Mulino and the thermal waters of Saturnia (with kids!)

What an incredible, hard to believe it's real, place this is. From the moment I first saw it in a picture I was hooked. Magical healing thermal waters rushing from the earth and falling from the grasses behind an ancient Italian mill, stair stepping aqua blue infinity pools with green and white perfectly round rocks covering the waters floor, and all this with a view of the Tuscan countryside....yes please...I'll take one or two or ten! What an experience it was to finally be in this amazing place. To see, to sit, to feel and to hear all of it's beauty. What else can I say, except, I can't wait to go back!

Cascate del Mulino is located in Tuscany, in the provence of Grosseto. It is approximately 3 hours south from Florence and a little over 2 hours north from Rome. My family and I made our way here as a little day trip from northern Lazio. We visited in March. The wind was chilly but the sun and the water was warm, and over all it was a very lovely time of year to visit. 

If you ever happen to find yourself in this area of Tuscany, or if you are not even close but have to see it, which I would recommend, here is some information on how to get there and what to expect.

Address - Via della Follonata, 58014 Saturnia, Manciano GR, Italy

Is this Therme di Saturnia - No, that spa/resort. It is up the road towards the town of Saturnia. 

Closest towns - Saturnia and Montemerano

Temperature of the pools - Approx 98.6 degrees(37 C). 

Depth - Most of where we were at was around 18"- 22" deep. Comfortable to sit in.

Cost - It is free :)

Parking - There is a large parking lot for the busy season. When we were there you could park on the road leading to the pools.

Restrooms - Not during March. Maybe during summer if the little bar is open.

Dressing rooms - No. We undressed and redressed by our car. 

Food - Not during March but there was a bar that looked to be seasonal.

Shoes - The ground around the pools is rocky so I would recommend shoes. The water would just depend on preference.  There is sand and round rocks and grasses.

Kids - We took our 5 year old and our 1 year old and it was very comfortable. We were there for about 2 1/2 hours with them.

Hours - It is open 24 hours a day. I do not know if anything is lit up at night. I didn't seem like it. If there was no lighting it would be quite dark. 

Amount of time to give - I'm sure you could just go for a quick dip, but who wants to do that here! If you are going to take the time to come visit, then make the time to stay and enjoy. I would give it at least 2 hours.

Website - http://www.cascate-del-mulino.info/ 

A presto,